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Through my activities at the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, I was invited to host Japanese quilter, Tomie Nagano, for part of her stay in Toowoomba, January 2003. When Tomie learned that I would be stopping in Kyoto, she and her husband Fugio decided to fly down from the north island of Hokkaido to spend several days with me. Tomie had spent several years visiting the markets searching for fabric for her quilting and knew just where to take me. We first visited the famous Toji Temple where the monthly antique textile market was being held. Silk kimonos of various handcrafted techniques were sold for very reasonable prices. Food stalls with colourful wares were tempting, but shopping and sightseeing were the priorities. In the background, the temple tower was a powerful structure, dominating the landscape.

And on we went to another Antique market at a convention centre, tempted by a vast array of vintage textiles, created by traditional methods requiring great skill.
I found kimonos of many styles and design techniques. I bought a short silk kimono jacket decorated with Kanoko shibori, a favorite Kyoto tie-dye style. It is created by tying small circles with fine thread to create patterns and shapes. The lining was decorated with a different shibori technique creating waves of delicate colour. On the back, the family crest was created with these small circles. To learn more about the technique go forward to Shibori »

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