My recent visit to China

It had been nearly 25 years since my previous visit to China and of course much has changed. This recent trip was brought about because one of my grandsons is working in Beijing this year as a graphic designer. My husband and I were encouraged to join with his parents and brother to visit Beijing and see how Sam has settled into his new environment. As you can imagine, the family priorities were not in the textile area, but then it is difficult to be in China without seeing and appreciating textiles in some way.

In 1987 I had organised a Textile Trip through the Australia-China Friendship Society. It was then promoted through Fibres and Fabrics Creative Textile Association based in Townsville of which I was a foundation member. During our 19 days of travel we were given the opportunity to see wonderful embroidery of many types, weaving, dyeing and processes of silk culture. Many of the pictures on these pages came from the 1987 trip.

Dana and Barbara at the Great Wall, 1987. Friend Gai loaned Dana her patchwork quilted coat to keep out the winter cold.

great wall