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The National Craft Institute

The National Craft Institute has been established by The Malaysian Handicraft Development Corporation to enable craft training for youth at the tertiary level. This research and educational complex is located just 20 kilometres from the city of Kuala Lumpur. The courses offered there combine practical and theoretical work in a three-year program. Textiles is a major area being studied, developing new designs for traditional techniques that have been threatened with extinction. Weaving and batik are two of the skills being taught.

The instructor supervises a student working on a batik, applying dye after the wax outline has been drawn

Numerous colour-ways are developed
of the same design.

Students set up loom

Gold brocade-type fabic is highly valued

A great deal of preparation was made to place the warp on the loom before weaving could begin. Fine silk threads are used in this textile.

Halimaton Bt. Abd. Shukor explains
the course requirements