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Mr Narasimulu
Mr. K Narsimulu of Hyderabad who works at the Weaver Service Centre  has a reputation for being innovative both with design and equipment. He has woven the worlds largest bed cover measuring 250 inches x 250 inches. This was done by putting 4 large looms together and making one long beater for the warp to come through. The design was created by ikat, tie dyeing the yarn before weaving, using vegetable dyes including exotic herbs and flowers. It required 15 Kg of yarn. 

However this project was done completely on his own time with the help of his wife, brother  and several other well wishers. Unfortunately the Guinness Book of Records has informed Narsimulu that they do not have a category for his record breaking cloth. Never the less it was an achievement worth commending. 
Narsimilu states that he wants to set an example for other weavers to break from the routine. He has many more innovative ideas to try next, including a fabric inspired by the Banjara tribal women's vibrant, colourful patchwork dresses. 
We will look forward to seeing his future work.


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